The Year 2022 Review!

Golamrabbi Azad

Golamrabbi Azad / December 31, 2022

2 min read

It's a year after I'm publishing a post.

So, the year 2022 was starting before I moved to Dhaka on Nov 10, 2021, to continue my Undergraduate program. From then I was building my portfolio website project. When I'm at half of my project I exactly remember Nov 23, 2021, stole my MacBook pro early 2015 which my father brought for my undergraduate program. Later I managed a PC to continue my journey.

On December 13, 2021, published the first version of my portfolio website project which is forked from yay 🥳 🎉

I have done a tour in Khulna, Bangladesh at the end of January 2022. I have stored the tour photos on my instagram account.

I did a contract-based job (1 month). My role was Data Annotator which I have to complete 5 buckets (buckets containing 10 to 20 images, JSON files) per day I have to check and fix the error and create JSON files & sync with images.

I got a remote job offer in April 2022 from LinkedIn. This was my first remote job, and I don't know about how remote jobs worked, how to handle clients, commit to projects, and sync project-client-project. I was to update about the project every day end of work.

30 hours per week as a Core Developer for building enterpise product.

  • I got the job by submitting 3 as exercize projects(A React, Node.js, and vanilla projects).
  • My task was to create drag & drop feature by extending shopify draggable API.
  • I did the setup, configurations, and working basic drag & drop feature, and more to work to reach the project vision. (give up)

Project vision: (explaining soon)

I left the job.

I completed 3 years of the undergraduate program in September 2022. 🏆

I'm expanding my LinkedIn networks. Currently, 110+ people are connected with me. Please, if you want to join my network

Tech I learned (remembering soon)

Done some side projects (sharing soon)

that's a wrap up 2022.